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Aluminium Foils

Aluminium Foil used for packaging tablet & capsule strips. These are available in plain & printed form with various thickness options.  

A variety of aluminum foil packaging solutions to protect medication

Ever since its inception in the 1900s, aluminum foil has found widespread use in the pharmaceutical industry. Its popularity stems from the fact that quality aluminum foil packaging can protect drugs from the impacts of - 

  • Photo-damage 
  • Moisture 
  • Oxidation 
  • Germ invasion 

Raja TL is recognized and trusted as a leading aluminum foil suppliers by pharmaceutical firms across the globe. Each foil packaging is designed smartly and manufactured with care to protect the integrity of the contents. Our range of foil packaging is extensive with different applications, sizing, thickness, colour, and printing options available to suit the varied needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Some of our aluminum foil packaging offerings are - 

  1. Strip foil packaging 

Strip foil packaging can feature both soft aluminum foil (25 μ) that’s easy to tear and hard aluminum (50 μ) that takes more effort to tear thus making it more “child-proof”. However, it is strong enough to protect the tablets and capsules that are packaged within. The foil is usually sealed with heated lacquer to make it an effective barrier against light, moisture, and oxygen. 

  1. Blister packaging 

Blister packaging uses a combination of hard aluminum foil with polyester film to create ambient-proof packaging for tablets and capsules. Again, heat seal lacquer (a colorless vinyl resin) is used to seal the packaging with perfection. Every time we use heat seal lacquer, we also use a heat seal primer to ensure that the seal adheres securely to the packaging. 

  1. Cold forming 

This style of packaging ensures maximum protection of the contents from ambient factors like heat, light, humidity, contaminants. So, such packaging is essential for those drugs whose biochemical formulation is sensitive to ambient factors and are most susceptible to damage. Cold form packaging is manufactured by pressing the hard aluminum foil into a mold without any heat. The foil sheet is sandwiched between Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and nylon (OPA) films using dry bond lamination technology. Thus, the resulting packaging acts as the ultimate impermeable barrier for medicaments. 

As a trusted aluminum foil packaging Suppliers, Raja TL’s aluminum packaging solution is - 

  • Designed smartly 
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 20/25/30/40/50 microns 
  • Made according to the need. 
  • Affordable 
  • Versatile 
  • Customized Printings
  • Consistent quality.

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